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πŸ”₯ Notepad app helps you take notes easily anytime, anywhere

πŸ’‘ Notepad - notebook, notes has a simple interface, easy to use. Our note taking app always wants to bring the best experience for users. Note app allows users to customize your notebook to create their own style.

πŸ“ Notes app features:

βœ… Add notes and to-do lists.

βœ… Create new note lists easily and conveniently.

βœ… An annotation tool everywhere for you.

βœ… Remind you of important notes at the right time.

βœ… You can conveniently edit notes.

βœ… Customize notebook topic and note list view as well as reminders

πŸ“ Notes Widget:

βœ… You can easily move your notes to the widget screen.

βœ… Customize the size of the widget notes to fit your needs.

βœ… Easily keep track of everyday tasks on the home screen of your phone.

βœ… Your various job themes are created and moved easily with Notepad

βœ… Handy, easy to use, simple and sophisticated.

πŸ“ Notes with Reminder:

βœ… Schedule work reminders so you don't miss important things.

βœ… Easy to use note reminder feature with notebook

βœ… Help you remember and remind to make your life easier.

πŸ“ Notepad sync notes:

βœ… Backup and restore your notes via Google Drive.

βœ… You can also log in to different devices without losing notes.

βœ… Recover accounts and data with Google accounts with sticky notes app.

βœ… Eliminate worry about losing note data when switching phones.

βœ… Easy to use with just one sync operation on Google Driver.

πŸ“ Customize your notes:

βœ… Easily customize the free colorful note theme.

βœ… Backgroud diverse notes, many topics to help your notes more creative.

βœ… Customize the checklist view vertically or horizontally according to your preferences.

πŸ“ To do list - Checklist Notes:

βœ… Create daily to-do lists, or to-do lists in your plan.

βœ… Create to-do list simple list generator with sticky note.

βœ… Check the completed tasks to help you track the progress of the job better with notepad

βœ… Easy to use interface and handy.

πŸ“ Sticky notes in everyday life:

βœ… Update daily to-do list, regularly help you track your friend's schedule and overview the most optimal.

βœ… Plan your upcoming projects and things like: Travel, work, shopping, etc. with Notepad.

βœ… Use notes app as an indispensable tool to help you be more active.

πŸ’‘ Notepad is an note app that reminds you to help you be more active in life, be proactive in your work and plans. Notebook app is in the process of developing and finalizing, please send your feedback and suggestions to us so we can develop the best application for your experience. Your suggestions will be very helpful to us.

Thank you so much, Best regards!